About Me

First off, Thank You for visiting my website! My name is Taylor Adkins if you have not figured that out yet lol. I created this site as a place for me to share my story, daily life, photoshoots with some talented photographers and collaborations with brands.


 I began modeling in 8th grade (photo taken on the left) but quickly started hating the industry. I was turned down many many times by agencies, casting director, even interns telling me ' loose a few pounds and come back when you're a size 2'. They would literally give me measurements of how small my hips had to be. I started hating my body and especially my bum that my mother blessed me with. No obviously it wasn't healthy to tell a girl going through puberty to loose weight, watch what she eats and to workout everyday, but every big agency I came in contact said it. 

After High school I had the opportunity to move NY for the summer. I turned it down because in my mind I knew I still wasn't small enough or good enough to become a 'real' model. 


I ended up going to College and graduating with my Marketing in International Business degree. Senior year of college everyone always asked the big question "What company do you want to work for when you graduate?". For me this was a huge question. I knew I did NOT want to go into a 9-5 job, sitting at a computer for 40+ hours a week working to fulfill a bosses dream, not mine. 

It wasn't until after I finished college when I decided to give the whole modeling thing another try... maybe even acting. I was lucky enough to be signed with Click Models of Atlanta and picked up a few regular clients through them that kept me busy. I shortly fell in love with the free lance lifestyle. 

I am only in the beginning stages of building my portfolio and resume but I am enjoying each day on this journey. My goals through pursuing my own dreams is to inspire other girls, younger or older, to stick to their dreams all while being yourself. This website is a glimpse of my journey, my hope is that it inspires just one person. Thank you to everyone for all the lovely comments you leave on my photos, the endless amount of support and for following my journey this far. 

-love Tay