Glitter Gang


Yes I might be on a glitter high the past few weeks and I am still finding it all around my apartment but I am not complaining nor am I about to slow down with the glitter pics.  I honestly wish it was 100% acceptable to wear this much glitter in public because I would do it daily.

Upon meeting these girls at a little coffee shop to collaborate on a shoot for The Clothing Warehouse, I immediately knew we were going to have so much fun. Lets just say the afternoon consisted of running around Little 5 Points, leaving glitter everywhere we went, other photographers crashing our shoot, and many people staring.

Get ready for some bright colors, a lot of glitter and more shoots in the future with this Glitter Gang! 


Photographer: IndieeFox

Stylist: Britaney Kemp

MakeUp Artist: Sherilynn Marilyn

Wardrobe: The Clothing Warehouse

Location: Arabia Mountain, GA