Southern Living Magazine

I have grown up with Southern Living Magazines around my parents and grandparents house for as long as I can remember, it's a southern thing :) This shoot was filled with 3 days of fun in Birmingham, AL with some amazing SL employees. 


Yes, celebrating Christmas and New Years in the middle of a hot October was amazing, except for the part when I was dressed in 3 layers, fuzzy boots and a large sweater scarf . I did however leave this shoot with confetti and sparkles in my hair for a good week! And how pretty is my work-mom for this shoot?? Not to mention that her name was also 'Taylor' and she had red hair! 


As soon as the December issue hit stands, my grandmother would not only buy EVERY copy at EVERY store she was at, she made sure all the random strangers around her knew her granddaughter was in the magazine! She was proud! :) So heres some tear sheets from the magazine! 

Photography: Robbie Caponetto

Location: Birmingham, AL